Arta Barchasb Tooba Company is ready to provide services to all companies and organizations with sufficient preparation, essential experiences and a new approach.

Arta owes its success in providing services to more than five hundred customers to establishing a friendly and useful relationship with its customers and demands to expand this success with innovative ideas in providing services.

The company also offers a range of services based on honesty, customer orientation, mutual trust and social commitment.

This attitude has caused our customers, as our business partners, to extend this level of commitment and performance to their other colleagues in the industry. So, in the long run, the company's services, on the other hand, provide peace of mind and trust for providing actual customers and also potential customers of this company.
Are you looking for printing services?
In the first call, you will find that the staff of the orders unit provides optimal and valuable services to all dear customers and considers this principle as one of the most priority in the work.
Some of the services we provide include:
Offset printing services in rolls and sheets
    Rotogravure printing services (Helio)
    Flexo printing services
    Design and consulting services
Offset printing services in rolls and sheets:
These services include the design, production and delivery of all adhesive labels and without paper and non-paper adhesives, including IML, TML, BML, beer labels, PVC Shrink labels ( sleeve Shrink ), transparent, metallized and white voided, PE, PP, PVC, BOPP, adhesive glass with gilding and silvering and localized UV (embossed) and cellophane (UV).

It is worth mentioning that this company is the first and only supplier of Shrink PVC labels with offset quality and is one of the first in the industry in supplying IML and malt beer labels.
In addition, lithographic services, including the production of film and zinc, are performed completely independently within the collection.
Helio printing services:
Services provided in this subgroup include label design, cylinder manufacturing, production and delivery of labels including the following:
  Shrink PVC and PET Shrink labels
  Transparent OPP label, white voided and metallized.
  Film protection label (industrial protective layer) used in UPVC doors and windows

Flexo printing services:

All services provided in this section to esteemed customers include design and stereotyping to the best quality, production and delivery of all paper and non-paper labels with and without glue.
Some of the labels produced by this printing are as follows:
  Types of paper adhesive labels with gilding, silver stamping and localized UV (embossed) and cellophane (UV)
All kinds of white, metallized and transparent non-paper adhesive labels (transparent)
Types of tea labels include enolope labels and tags in different sizes
Types of film protection (industrial protective layer) with unique quality.

Design and consulting services

We are proud that in this section, the services and activities of the design and consulting team of this company have been able to meet the needs of many customers by using a label with a superior design to introduce more and better products and ensure the print quality of the output.
Effective and efficient

Effective and efficient

A professional and reliable team in the field of printing and packaging

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